With Today's ever growing financial changes and challenges, the need for contributions to help support our local communities is even more critical. Now is the time we all need to dig deep in our pockets and help those who can't help themselves. All donation amounts add up to much needed support to help those in need.

We want to thank everyone who has contributed in the past for their support and we hope you and many others will find it in their hearts to find a way to help contribute and continue supporting our local communites.

We send out our many thanks for your time and support for visiting the Community Fundraisers, Inc. website. We hope you find it to be both informative and exciting. On this website you will be able to read about who we are, how we help our communities and a little about the Non-Profit Associations we represent. We look forward to continued success in our never ending efforts inmaking the communities we live in better with each donation we receive!

Community Fundraisers, Inc. is a professional fundraising company that raises charitable monetary contributions for Non-profits that help support various local and state-wide association activities (read more...)